Match Report 7th Match

Hi Guys. Welcome to my first match report following our latest NBLM Online Event. We only had 8 entrants, which usually makes for an easy time metagaming. But, I’m not very good at that! I expected Dark Depths since it ran well last time. I didn’t expect dredge since it hadn’t turned up for a few weeks. I was wrong on both counts!! A note to start – it’s open decklists, which is extremely relevant, especially postboard.

Here’s my list:

Round 1 vs Dredge.

Game 1 – I get lucky. The opp mulls to 3 and never finds a dredger. Easy win!

Game 2 – Opponent leads on Looting and ditches a Golgari Grave Troll. I lead on Deathrite Shaman (DRS). My Opp dredges 6, then Lightning Axe‘s my DRS, and plonks 5 power on the board. T2 I make a BOP. T3 the opp has 3 bridge from below and im in trouble! On my turn 3 though, I rip BIRTHING PODDDDD. The opponent has an Ancient Grudge sat in the yard, but I’m forced to play my POD anyway. I sac my BOP, and in response, the POD is destroyed. BOP leaving play removes the Bridges from the GY, and I grab a Yixlid Jailer. Whomp.

Turn 5 sees my Jailer die and opp then dredges on their T6, finds an Ox, but I have an Eidolon to slow it all down. I rip Prime Speaker off the top, and cast it.

At this point, I have Eidolon, Staticaster and Prime Speaker, but just 7 life and a 5/3 Ox on the other side of the table. I have drawn my only Kiki (boarded 1 out), but have the mana to cast it on my next turn. I just have to survive a turn, so decide not to block (open decklists, nothing to be scared of). I untap, cast kiki and turn my staticaster into a Resto for the win.

Round 2 vs MonoRed Moon.

We lose the roll, which is scary – but our opener has 2 mana dorks, which can be important. It can go 2 ways… turn 1 chalice is bad for us in this spot, but if they are on a t2 moon / trinisphere plan, we’re good. I keep and pray!

turn 1 planeswalker

Opp goes T1….. double Spirit Guide (SSG) into Seasoned Pyro! I run out DRS to prevent tokens attacking and land a T2 POD. Unfortunately i’ve drawn Corridor Monitor so i don’t have a T3 win option, but i can start generating value. Opp has stalled on 1 land thankfully and scoops it up (assuming I have the combo, but mostly because they’re stuck on mana).

G2 Op leads on chrome mox, SSG, Ritual, into the good Chandra… my T1 is just a Giver of Runes. It seems a bad start! Giver has to attack chandra but they have dismember, and now chandra is just a turn off ulti-ing and i have no board.

At the end of my 4th turn, chandra is ready to ult on their turn, opp has blood moon in play, 1 land and no cards in hand. I have Knight of Autumn in play, 4 lands and a Resto in hand. They ulti and play a land. I flash in resto, flicker my knight to make it a 4/3, and start to beat down with Knight + Resto. The next turn my opp fails to draw any spell to trigger Chandra Emblem, which is curtains for them. I now have a 2 turn clock and a resto up to flicker Knight, or to replace the existing Resto if that died. Opp draws a card and scoops.

M3 vs MonoRed Moon (different pilot)

Dice roll lost and i keep DRS, basic forest and 5 other cards (because, those 2 cards are good in the MU)!

They play T2 Chalice on 1 (but I have my only 1 drop cast) and then T3 Karn, which turns off my Jitte (that I tutored up off SFM). They search up Grafdigger’s but at this exact point it doesnt matter at all. They magus of the moon but i’ve sandbagged forest and plains. I make a slight misplay and dont run out voice before combat. They then Dismember a Scooze that’s attacking. Now I have 2 creatures attacking Karn, both 1/2s, and my opp has the Magus still in play. Obviously this is a bad attack, and had I played out the Voice pre-combat, they would Dismember in response. Then I could chose not to attack. The following turn I misplay again and forget my Rallier is a blank because of Grafdiggers, so make a bad attack hoping that my Voice will die, only to fail to return it to play.

At this point, the opp has Magus, Cage, and mana. I have rallier, Voice token, Arbor, mana and a pointless Jitte. Karn is down to 2 counters and they cash it in for an Ensnaring Bridge whilst hellbent. I rip a Birthing Pod which also doesn’t matter! I need to rip an answer to Bridge before they find a threat. They find a karn which is real bad news! I rip Knight of Autumn but misplay massively. If I destroy bridge, then attack Karn, I’m not in bad shape. But instead, I take out Grafdigger’s so that I can use POD and get value. Woops, Baby Karn is stopping my POD activation. I lose.

My poor Bird

Game 2 I lead on bop on a 1-lander and it eats a dismember! I use GSZ for Arbor. They make T3 karn and i miss my land drops. They grab coating to blow up my mana sources, and I scoop it up when I miss my 2nd land drop on T4. Bad game for me! After the game, I learn they also had Anger of the Gods in their opener, so I was in a bad spot even if I hit land drops.

The Top 4 is Mono R (1st place), Me (2nd), Combo Dredge (3rd), Eldrazi Post (4th).

Semi Final vs Combo Vengevine (on the play).

T1 BOP for me, T2 Magus of the Moon – but they have their only basic swamp to play Stitcher’s Supplier, and their “mountain” (Verdant Catacombs) casts Neonate, and makes a Vengevine. I feel silly! I block with magus to remove a Bridge from their GY.

T3 I rip and play Scooze and play Arbor, and eat up Bloodghast. Im open though, and on their T3 they crack a fetch and play Altar of Dementia. I am scared! They play Hogaak from hand and I’m just dead on the spot!

Game 2  we have a BOP and a land, and a potential t3 kill, but no 2nd or 3rd land. We keep and pray! They lead on Looting, which is scary. I draw my T2 land and play Spellskite plus Giver of Runes, and they make a Vengevine on t2 along with Carrion Feeder and a Stitcher’s Supplier.

T3 they sac a Vengevine to Carrion Feeder, and in response I Punishing Fire it, stopping a Gravecrawler return. They make 2 neonates though so it’s all in vein. I do have a DRS about to untap though. I untap, use DRS to make a POD and then fetch up Yixlid Jailer. I’m down to 8 facing a Vengevine and 2 Neonates, with Spellskite, Giver and Jailer in play. It seems a decent spot, but then i remember i’ve boarded out my Corridor Monitor. Opp scoops before it ends up mattering. The idea here is that if we can protect the queen, we’ll never need the combo. It worked on the play, but I’m not optimistic on the draw!

Game 3 – I have forest BOP Jailer and snap keep. I also have Resto and GSZ ready for later on. Im hoping not to see path or a crazy Turn 2 from the opponent. They mull to 6 which makes me think my hand is a bit better (less chance of the T2 kill)! They lead on Looting and ditch Looting plus Bloodghast. Thats very good for me. I rip Resto which is bad.


T2 sees Stitcher’s into land (‘Ghast) into Carrion Feeder. I make T2 Jailer and use GSZ to fetch up Arbor – the plan here is to make enough mana to have Resto up for the rest of the game, protecting me from Path. Carrion Feeder is now a 4/4 and I’m on 12, but I have 5 power and opp on 13. I rip a red source and kiki /resto them on turn 4!

Final (rematch vs the MonoR player in Round 3).

Moon player goes t1 Magus of the Moon, i go forest into GSZ for Arbor. T2 I can play DRS and then use Punishing Fire. Opp had mulled to 5 and had nothing left, and I can burn Magus, GSZ for Prime Speaker and take G1 easily. If I hadn’t had 1 of my 2 basics, I lose that game. But because I do, it’s a comfortable win. That’s how it goes sometimes.

Game 2 opp has T2 Rabblemaster in T3 Chandra. My T3 Voice and missing 3rd land looks bad, and it is! They take an easy G2.

The winning card

Game 3 I fetch Plains into Giver and do nothing on T2. They play a T2 Karn and fetch Coating, I Punishing Fire Karn on their end step, and attack it with Giver to get it off the table. I cast a Knight of Autumn to blow up an artifact land, which takes them off Mox Opal. On their t3, they play the coating to turn on mox, miss their land drop, and cant use mox for anything. I attack, then Resto the Knight and take another artifact land, making mox a blank (they now just have gemstone caverns in play with no counter). Following turn I make prime speaker and they scoop!

So amazingly I won the event. I got my luck when I needed it, and made my mistakes when it mattered less (round 3). Interestingly I never once combo-d on Turn 3, but that could just be down to the MUs we played.

Before the event, I added Felidar Guardian to the main, and a Zealous Conscripts to the side. The idea here was that I could pod a 3-drop into Felidar, and then pod the Felidar into Conscripts to steal a 20/20 avatar. However, I don’t think that’s overly likely, and Resto is just better at protecting key pieces the rest of the time. So, although I may keep Conscripts as an Evo target, the Felidar is going.

In addition, the 4th OuaT is potentially 1 too many, and I’m wondering what to replace that with. Batterskull would have been good specifically against Baby Karn, which we faced 3 times. However, I’m not sure how useful it is outside that match up. I’m also questioning the Punishing Fire package, as a lot of things in the format are much bigger. Fire is great in a couple of spots (infect, mirror match) but really lackluster in others (thought knot seer and walkers). However, the mana for p-fire is basically free for us.

It also seems that a combo version of dredge is viable, and people seem to have moved away from agro Eldrazi onto Cloudpost. I’ve only faced Cloudpost once and lost, but the agro eldrazi MU was mostly positive. As a result, I think this move is bad for us. We do beat the deck designed to beat Eldrazi Post though (mono red moon). Overall, pod seems just fine at the minute!

And now that there’s no risk of spoilers, here’s everyone decklists and final standings!

Travel around the website to find links so you can come and join us. Who knows, maybe you have a brew that we haven’t tested yet, and maybe you can go ahead and win a mini event too! Either way, I’m sure you’ll have fun!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming


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